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The first blog hacking idea that works for me is using a pen and notebook paper. I actually use a spiral notebook to be able to quickly flip to a new page and then back again if needed. Why would that help you as a blogger, you ask? The main reasons are that it allows for the writing to flow and it decreases distractions. Let me explain. It will allow you to write faster and keep up a more conversational type of writing that allows you to keep going with the flow of thoughts. In basically 30 seconds of writing fast, I was able to complete up to this point of this post.

The flow of information from your thoughts to pen and paper happens quicker than doing a post on a computer which most people who try that, tend to type and correct wrong keystrokes which interrupts the writing process. A pen and paper allows you to scribble thoughts quickly, which allows your inside voice to flow. You also won’t worry about spellcheck as you write with a pen since everyone has their own shorthand or version of words. Then later, as you are typing it out from your handwritten notes, you can make sure it is spelled right and is complete at that time. The second reason to use a pen and paper is it is less distracting than being on a phone or desktop computer. If using those to write, you will be always bombarded with text messages, notifications, pop up boxes, or simply the urge to get on the internet or social media to get ideas or research your thoughts. Just trust yourself, you have something to say and a way to say it that is uniquely yours. No amount of googling is going to make it better. If anything, it will discourage you. I recently saw a post by a new blogger who didn’t know if her post was very good or not. She was trying to discount the information she was writing. I read the post and found it to be very valuable and another man wrote her back saying how he enjoyed it too and would be sharing it with his wife. So, stay off the internet and your devices while you write out what you want to say.  Plan to write in your least distracting environment. I shut down my television when I write, which helps me be more productive as well.

Now, if you are comfortable speaking to yourself, you can also get your content out of your brain by talking into a tape recording device. On some computers, and in some programs, you can even have the software turn your talking voice into the written word. This can really help a person who struggles with typing in general. Be warned though, that if you choose to use this method for writing your blog posts, it can become extremely distracting by speaking and seeing your words on a screen at the same time.  You will naturally want to read it back to yourself which will get you off topic in a hurry. So, if you use this method, turn away from the screen until you are done speaking. It is also helpful to have a friend sit across from you and keep the conversation going.

Another blog hack I use, is to stand while writing with a pen. I am doing it right now! It keeps you from getting too comfortable and lazy. It can keep you on task as well. It places a sense of urgency to get done so you can sit back down. Just find a high top table or counter and write fast!

If you find you are stuck at any point, simply go for a walk. A simple walk of about 5-10 minutes will help your brain reset and use the creative side of your brain more than the logical side. This is why they recommend to students to take frequent breaks while studying and go for a short walk to clear your mind and retain more of what you studied. A walk will allow you to get focused on what you want to write about, as well as see it with fresh eyes upon returning. So, take a walk!

Lastly, don’t worry about keywords and titles while blogging.  Get into your message first and title it later. Just write blog posts that matter and are valuable to your audience. Ask yourself,

“Is this valuable to my audience”

“Can someone reading this benefit from it?”

If you have added something to your readers lives that they can use or take away from it, you have done your job as a blogger! If you have done this well, you have helped your reader out and they will appreciate your help. So then your title, will write itself, because you are just giving them the main sentence that tells them what they will get by reading your post. Like for example, I wouldn’t title this post “3 easy steps every blogger needs” because it wouldn’t deliver that message. I am better off saying, “Blog Hacks that have helped me write faster and more content!” and then review the post and make sure it does that for my reader.

Now, go out and try a few if not, all of these hacks and let me know if they work for you or if you have any I should add. If this has been of any value to you, could you please share it or tweet it to someone who could benefit from it? I would appreciate that. Feel free to stop by anytime to get ideas on how to build better blogs! Thank you!

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