A Facebook Page is Not a Blogger’s Best Friend

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The Good Ol Days

Before all the facebook greed, you could build a facebook page on facebook and find people who enjoyed your information and post your latest blog writings to it. You could have 200 followers and you would see about 120 people click on your post and read your blog. It kept your blog life and your personal life separate and clean. If someone wanted to see your latest post, they would “Like” your page and would be notified anytime you posted something on your FB page. You didn’t have to post it on your personal news feed and Aunt Rose could be spared your latest blog post if she didn’t care about the best place to eat Pizza in Boston. Everything seemed to work.

Change was in the Air

Then Facebook started slowly changing all that and after a few years of changes, guess where you stand now? If you have a FB page and you post anything on it, facebook limits its reach to only a few of your followers. Why? Because now that you built it out, they can monetize it too. They ask you to boost your own blog posts or any posts, for that matter to your own audience. Sure it’s only a couple of dollars, but is it worth it? How much are you making off the blog post? So, you spend money to get the followers and likes… then you spend money with facebook again to let your audience you paid for, get to see your content that they already wanted to see and was expecting to see.

If I have said it once, I have said it many times… Build your own website, own your domain name and your content, build your own audience and make it easy for them to follow your content. This is why bloggers spend money on trying to get your email address. At least they have a free way to give you their latest content into the future instead of being at the mercy of a social network. I know… everyone is hanging out on facebook. It is the worlds addiction, but if you really add value to a readers life, you can be social-less.

I’m new to blogging…

How about if you are starting out? Should you have a presence on Facebook? Yes, and No! Yes, you will need to find creative ways to share your content because that is where people spend their time. But, no… don’t waste your time marketing on facebook. Putting too much effort or resources into it. It will cost you more money than you will earn from a blog. See facebook used us all to capture a huge audience and now you have to pay for it, because they own it. You can do the same thing by adding value to your readers lives and having them sign up for your latest posts, then you will get paid to allow others to reach your audience.

The latest trend in blogging is to use twitter and google+ for sharing blog posts. That is not a bad use of time right now, but remember you don’t own them, and they can change the rules anytime into the future just like facebook did. Build it, Own it, Control it! The blog and the audience! So, would I call Facebook a bloggers best friend? Nope! Just a pal you see every so often!

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