Steps to Stop Scorpion Problems around your House

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Step by Step on how to Stop Scorpion Problems in and around your House

Having a scorpion problem? Your pest control company sprays all the time, but you are still having a problem? You need to understand and implement a total scorpion defense plan.

Warm weather in the Southwest brings with it, scorpions. What should you do to prevent scorpions from entering your house and stinging your family or guests? You must implement steps for a total defense plan… let me explain.

Regular pest control sprays do not kill scorpions like other bugs and pests. You would need to actually see the scorpions and spray them directly with their bug spray in order to have any effect. It still might not work. That is why assuming you are protected from bug spray is not helping.

Step 1 – Kill the scorpions food supply

The first step you should take in early spring before the temperatures get too hot is to spray for common bugs and pests. Now this does not kill scorpions per say, but it starts killing the scorpions food supply, which is the first key in killing scorpions. So whether you do it yourself or you hire someone, do an overall spray for bugs and pests first. This will limit what they eat.

Step 2 – Remove common hiding places

The next step is to remove and clear out wood piles, debris, and items that provide darkness and cooler temperatures to scorpions during the daylight hours. They are attracted to theses hiding places that don’t get moved around too much throughout the year. Another place scorpions find to hide is in the palm tree trunk area near the palm frawns. Many landscapers cut branches and the left over stubs die out and become an area for scorpions to climb up and into.

Understand that irrigation boxes for sprinkler valves and under large piles of rocks are common places to hide as well. Finally, one of the most common places you will encounter scorpions living is on block wall column cracks. They pop out during warm nights after the sun goes down and wait for crickets or bugs to pass by to make a meal out of them. Outside porch lights left on, attract moths and other bugs. They fly around the lights and occasionally fall to the ground. This is easy hunting for scorpions, so if not using the light, turn it off and you can decrease the scorpions food supply. Finally, if you live in a desert area and the ground is being disturbed or plowed up, scorpions will move away from that disturbance and find their way onto your property.

Step 3 – Use a Blacklight to hunt them

The third step to your scorpion reduction plan is to use a Blacklight LED UV Flashlight and go out around the outside edge of your home between about 9pm-11pm. You will see the scorpion or scorpions illuminate right before your eyes. They glow a fluorescent green color under the UV flashlight. You can carry a long hiking stick and kill them that way, or more preferably, spray them directly with a Scorpion Killer Aerosol Spray just in case they have small babies on there back that may scatter. This step is important, because early in the spring is when the female scorpion will have many babies born and they will be with her on her back for a short time, so if you can kill the female and her offspring by spraying her,  it would prevent a larger problem later in the summer. Basically taking care of it before your 5 scorpion problem becomes a 40 scorpion problem. After circling the edge of your house with this blacklight, look along the bottom of your fences and walls, wood piles and near the bottom cracks of the block wall columns. You are almost certain to find a couple their each night until you get them all.

Step 4 – Create a Barrier

Fourth step is to lay down either Double Sided Tape or Diatomaceous Earth (DE) (which is just crushed rock, and can be shipped to you free) along the outside of your doorways and patio. The tape can stick to scorpions legs and leave them stranded or they will walk through the Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and it will coat the scorpion and compromise their respiratory and exoskeleton structure leaving them to dehydrate and die within a few days.

Step 5 – Use Glue Boards

The final step is to spray for other bugs in the inside of the house, but if you are not wanting to do that, then pull furniture away from the walls and clean along baseboards. Next, place Scorpion Glue Boards  against the walls under and behind furniture so the pets won’t get a hold of them. They are non-toxic, but the glue is sticky! The scorpions do not like the wide open spaces like the middle of the room or the middle of the patio. They usually move towards a wall of some sort and use it as guide. You will often find them sitting, traveling and hunting other prey along a wall at night. Realize that you are most vulnerable for scorpions to enter through the laundry door from a garage, front door and back sliding doors. They often feel that cool 80 degree temperature escaping from the gaps on the door during summer air conditioning, and it resembles a cave to them, so they try and find a way in.  Although very small, they can flatten out and crawl underneath and around some doors. You can also do a quick check of the house before going to bed, by turning off all the lights in the home and using your Blacklight LED UV Flashlight to scan the floor walls and other areas of the rooms.

Final note: Most vehicle garages have a opening for bugs and scorpions in the middle of the concrete with the garage door down. (shown above) This crack makes the garage an easy place for scorpions to pass under. You can seal that space up or place a glue board nearby to stop pests and the scorpions that hunt them.

As a recap, here are the steps again:

  1. Spray Early Spring to kill their food supply
  2. Remove their common hiding places
  3. Hunt them with a Blacklight LED UV Flashlight after sunset
  4. Create a barrier near door openings
  5. Use Scorpion Glue Boards inside along walls

By implementing all the steps, or having someone perform these steps, you will drastically reduce scorpions on your property.

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