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Step 1 – Get your own Web Hosting

A website or blog has to be placed on the internet.  If it is not, it just remains a file on your home computer. So, in order for it to actually be accessible to others in the world, it must first be placed on a computer server that is connected all the time to the other computers on the internet. As you log on and log off the internet at certain times and days, you are connecting to the vast amount of web servers around the world. These servers are always connected 24 hours a day. They are always accessible. The birth of a website or a blog gets its very first start by being located on one of these always on computers called a web hosting server.

Blogs are placed on Web Hosting Servers.

Those computers that you rent are usually named web servers or web hosting servers. The name makes sense, since your webpage or blog post is served to any computer (visitor) that asks for it by arriving to your site. A  visitor’s computer makes a connection with the web hosting server that has your websites information (www.yourwebsite.com) and then asks for the website or blog text and pictures. The visitor soon is delivered your website content so that they can read and enjoy your website. These web hosting servers host your website files (Html and Jpegs) on their “always on and connected” server and anyone anywhere can ask for it anytime if they can find you.

So, you have your website files loaded onto a web server. This server can be free space (some companies offer this) that they provide for you, or you can pay for space that you now control. If it is free, just realize that the companies that offer free service are going to control and make the rules.

It is like having a product of yours in a store. They control the store and will find a way to make money off you for allowing your product to take up space in their store. If you choose to pay for web hosting, you are leasing your space and you get full control of your website and blog. Almost every professional website or blog pays for their web hosting. This allows them to set their own rules and be independent of anyone else.

This is a good time to explain a popular free platform. Blogger.com. Which allows you to blog on a free account, but also controls what you can do and not do on your blog. They can even kick you off or shut the whole site down in the future because you are on their platform. This is why it is so important to control and pay for your independent website. That way no one can arbitrarily shut you down.

Step 2 – Sign up for Web Hosting.

Web Hosting

This is a good place to tell you what web hosting service I use. I have been using Siteground Web Hosting  for nearly 10 years. If you want to use them also, you can click this link and purchase the plan that fits your need. Most people start with the startup account. The price you pay is the normal price they charge no matter if you go through this link or not. I will get a commission for recommending their service, but it will not cost you anything more. I just wanted to be transparent and make sure you know exactly what I may benefit from.  I write articles to help bloggers and genuinely want to help you build your site. But, if I believe in a service and I know it is a great product, I will team up with them to promote their product and earn a commission sometimes. It helps me pay for my web hosting fees and other costs.

Step 3 – Naming your Website or Blog.

So, you have an idea or some information you want on the internet and you are going to pay for space to place your information (web hosting), the next thing you will need to accomplish is creating your blog or website name.

The web hosting service can store your files and serve them out when asked. The computers talk in numbers. They ask for a numbered address so they can locate the information and find new information. This numbered address is called an IP Address, which stands for Internet Protocol Address. Try typing in these numbered addresses – or – in here https://www.whois.com.au/whois/ip.html and it will tell you which server and location information is behind the IP address. One of those numbered addresses is google.com

But, this would be way too complicated to ask someone to go to my cool website at 214.28.743.25… So, we came up with words like facebook.com, cnn.net and bloggersgarage.com

Domain Names and Hosting

Now others can easily remember the address to your website or blog. These easy to remember website names are called “Domain Names”. My domain name is BloggersGarage.com After you register your name with either siteground web hosting or another site, you will control that name year to year, and it can be pointed to your website.  

Web Hosting

Naming your site and getting a domain name that is available can be a bit tricky and take some work. Here are some of the challenges in getting a domain name.

  1. Most short .com domain names are already bought up
  2. The easiest names to remember end in a dot com (.com)
  3. People buy domain names and resell them on auction sites

So, here is my suggestion.

Open up another browser window and Google GoDaddy.com Domain Name search and use their domain name search engine. It is one of the better ones out there.

Search for a name, but don’t buy it there, because you will have to do a lot of programming to link it back to your web server. Just use the site for searching possible ideas for a good website name. While searching for possible names, try and narrow it down to .com names. When you find one that is available, leave the site and go back to your SiteGround’s Web Hosting account and buy it from there at the same time you order your web hosting plan. That way, you have it automatically set up with your web server. It will save you a lot of time and frustration. If this seems over your head or you want to get a great name by using an experienced expert, then pay a flat fee of $25.00 and let our experts get you a better domain name result. Contact us here at  Domain Name Expert

Web Hosting

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