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Should I start a blog?

Hell Yes! Here is why…

– A blog allows you to express your creativity

– You can share information that others need

– You are able to make money from your blog

– Once your blog is set up, it can provide income even while you sleep

– A blog allows you to connect with other people

– By putting yourself out there, you can grow your professional network

– You will soon become an expert, which may lead to speaking engagements and other opportunities

– Blogs create time and financial freedom

What happens if you don’t start a blog right now?

– You will probably have to stay working at your current job forever

– You will miss opportunities all over the place

– You will stay trapped in your current situation and always regret not taking action on what you should be pursuing

– Someone else will retire early and have a steady income for doing what you should have done

Avoid this first trap of starting a blog!

Understand this one point and you will be ahead of 90% of your fellow bloggers and save yourself a world of frustration!

The proper setup of your blog is the most important technical part of the start! You make a mistake here without understanding how to properly set your blog up and it will cause you lots of money, time and traffic losses! No amount of great writing or content can overcome these initial steps… So, follow these steps precisely, or reap the problems later!

I will start out giving you the easiest step by step plan here. Then, I will explain the why behind the steps if you want or need that information. I will also give you an option to bypass all the technical stuff if all you want to do is write and make a share of the profits your blog posts earn.

So, Step 1 – Decide if you are going to build your own 100% blog and manage your technical and marketing steps yourself by investing and keeping 100% of any profits you make OR you are just wanting to creatively write and have your articles posted online for a 50% share of the profits and not worry about anything technical.

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Why you don’t want to use a Free blogging site…

You will be trapped in their site and by their rules that can and do change frequently. This can cause you to lose all your hard work and traffic overnight. Can you imagine building a blog up over 2-3 years worth of late nights and having many followers and supporters and find out one day, that the rules changed and you have to do what they want or you lose everything.

I recently had this happen to me on YouTube. I was making money from videos and then within a month, they took away my ability and opportunity to make money as well as millions of others. I spent over a year building my passive income, and then “Poof!” they changed the rules… I do not want that to happen to you.

I also understand that some people just have no technology background and it is painful for them to handle those issues with a blog, so I will support them blogging through a fair exchange of services for splitting the profits. It then can be a win-win situation. Their voice and content can be published and still has an opportunity to make money.

Here is the Step by Step links to get your blog set up…

Step OneStart here (Getting a Web Hosting Plan and Domain Name Address)

Step TwoBuilding your Graphic Designs

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