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Step 1

In order to build your blog traffic, you will need to know what to do and how to do it. Sure, you can learn on your own… but that may take years. Most of what works and what doesn’t work is known by those who have made many of the mistakes along the way. This has costs them readers, money and time.

So, for step one, the biggest advantage you can give yourself is to network with other bloggers and share strategies that have given you results and get inside information on what is working for other bloggers. This information is valuable. This is why most bloggers charge money for it. Here at Bloggers Garage, we want to help you start your blog and help you reach your goals. If we do that, you will recommend us to other bloggers and we grow!

If you don’t have any blogging groups to network with, send us a request to join our Private Facebook Group.
You can get questions answered, support and feedback on your site from other members as well as the latest social media and search engine changes to build your blog traffic. We all learn quicker by helping each other.

Step 2

Geting feedback on your blog and how it is received by others visiting your site can give you a leg up quickly. We often get in our own heads and believe we are doing and saying one thing, yet our site or our writing is telling a different story. Getting some helpful coaching from others is how we refine our blog and zero in on what goal we are trying to achieve with it. Sometimes it is very apparent to others what we are staring at and missing completely. It may be a technical issue or a writing perspective that is not relating what it is intended to convey. This error will have readers expecting one thing, yet reading something different and confusing them. They leave to never return and your traffic is penalized in a search engine and your traffic decreases as a result. Be open and flexible to revamp your message and the traffic will follow.

Step 3

You should be following a rough outline on how you present your content depending on who you are writing to in your blog. This is simple once you understand and use it. Again, it is incredibly important to have supportive bloggers around you to level up your writing, your blog and your strengths. Being laser focused in the beginning is important. Giving readers well organized content keeps them engaged.

Lastly, understanding your blogging strengths and weaknesses by surrounding yourself with a few bloggers you can help and a few more that can help you will give you more success quicker than a cool tip or trick. It is fun and rewarding to blog professionally. You add value to other people’s lives daily and something you wrote 2 years ago is still helping new visitors. You deserve to have a fantastic blog, and we are here to help you do that… because that is our mission!

Join us today and get going on building blog traffic! Even if you have not started yet, join us and learn how to do it right from the beginning the right way! We are here to help!

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