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Unless you have experience with creating website or blog graphics, you are going to need a simple to use site to help you create professional looking graphics quickly and easily. If you have not started your blog yet, go here – Starting a Blog

Where to go to make graphics for Free

The best place to start is – which is a free graphic design web app where you can create and save right from your desktop web browser. They have pre-designed templates and sizing for many of your common sizes for social media sites as well as flyers and web infographics. You will quickly notice that they have only very few items that can be used free. I suggest you build the graphic you want from the paid illustrations and photos first. Download the watermarked sample graphic and see if you like it on your blog. If all looks great, go back and purchase the graphic. This may set you back a couple dollars, but is totally worth it in the long run to have amazing visuals that attract your audience and keep them engaged while reading your content.

Find some Free Photo Sites

One free photo site with amazing photos you can use by themselves or pull into Canva is – A royalty free photo site that can be used by bloggers and website builders. Here is a sample photo to spruce up this blog post.

Another free photo site to look into is It is a lot like unsplash in their look. If for some reason you couldn’t find what your looking for on either of those sites, then try but you will need to dodge the sites desire to sell you on a paid images.

Which leads me to another tip. In order for your blog to run fast and load fast, you will need to compress your images, graphics or photos down. This photo above was a bulky 4.2 mb before compressing it down to half its size. This allows it to load faster. is a site that you can upload to for free and then it will strip your graphic down as much as it can to get the file size smaller.

These 3 tools should get you started on your blog graphics and royalty free photos. More information on can be found on

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